Dr. Chido Nwangwu, multimedia content creator and investor, author and public policy analyst, democracy and emerging markets specialist, data mining and risks analyst, is the Founder of USAfrica multimedia networks Houston, since 1992.  Chido established the first African-owned, U.S-based professional newspaper published on the internet, USAfricaonline.com, and USAfrica magazine (print). 

 The flagship of American media, The New York Times, of September 23, 2003 and the CNN noted that USAfrica is America’s largest African-owned multimedia company; and arguably the most influential platform for African and American issues and business. The New York Times’ reporter Simon Romero also wrote that Chido “Nwangwu recently created a magazine called Class for affluent Africans in the United States.” To be sure, it’s not only for the affluent but the willing and deserving. CLASS is the Africans-in-America’s own Ebony and People and GQ – all rolled into one unique product: a glossy print magazine of African style, music, living, fashion and our younger generation interests. He calls the latter group ‘generation Class.’   

Chido also established the photos and events mega-site with the largest collection of contemporary images/events of continental Africans in America PhotoWorks.TV, The Black Business Journal,  Achebebooks.com,  USAfrica The Newspaper which he established in May 1994 was voted the Number One community newspaper in Houston (the 4th largest city in the U.S.) in the annual ranking by the readers and editors of the Houston Press in 2001; and  about 12 blogs/sites/e-groups.  

Dr. Chido Nwangwu appears as an analyst on the CNN, the Voice of America/WorldNet and the Black Entertainment Television (BET), as well a number of local U.S. tv and radio stations. Also, he was the only continental African publisher/reporter who traveled with and covered U.S. President Bill Clinton’s historic visit to parts of Africa, March-April 2, 1998; and covered Clinton’s visit to Nigeria in late August, 2000. He reported from inside the joint seating of the U.S Congress during Liberia’s president Dr. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf”s historic speech in March 2006. 

Chido served on Houston Mayor Lee Brown’s international business advisory board (Africa) and has been honored by the Washington-D.C.based National Immigration Forum for utilizing the media to fight authoritarianism and fostering freedom of expression in parts of African continent. He has served on the board of the Houston chapter of the oldest civil rights organization in the U.S., the NAACP; and Chido is the first continental African to be admitted to the 100 Black Men of America. 

In 2005, he established one of the most vibrant Africa community e-groups/blogs/community calendars for sharing info/, announcements of upcoming and special events, insight to significant dates, festivals, events, resolutions/communique and historic milestones involving (or relevant to) persons, organizations and groups of Nigerian descent on yahoo-groups called Nigeria360, the AfricanChristians blog, the blog for the Igbo pan-African heritage, called IgboEvents; an Anglican community blog, AnglicanAfrican, and more. They are all powered by the resources of USAfrica and USAfricaonline.com. 

Since the 1990s, Chido has been speaking at colleges and businesses on technology issues, especially how the unfolding the digital world and the Internet affect Africans, African-Americans and recent immigrants. He served as a panelist at the 2000 British Broadcasting Corporation/Public Radio International global technology forum in San Francisco, California. 

He began his professional career as a very young man in the news, sports and programs production/camera/editing departments of the Nigerian Television Authority in 1980. He served on the editorial board of the Daily Times of Nigeria in 1989 into early 1990s, 1988-1989 assistant editor of the Platform magazine, African and The World journal. He contributes to The Mail and Guardian of South Africa, Houston Chronicle, and numerous U.S.-based and Africa issues publications.

In recognition of his engaging and pioneering digital design work on USAfricaonline.com and other web sites, Chido was voted the #1 African-American web designer in 1997 by the Houston Association of Black Journalists. He has since conceptualized, designed and maintained through his company, USAfrica, a number of web sites, including private corporations and such governmental sites as the Abia State of Nigeria first web site in 2001. 

Chido  is author of the special report, Clinton’s Africa, and is writing a book on the experiences of recent African immigrants in the U.S. 

He has been profiled in the Houston Chronicle (8th highest circulated newspaper in the U.S.), the Orlando Sentinel, Mail and Guardian of South Africa, and a number of other publications. Some of Chido Nwangwu’s works, bio-data and context of his writings were recently profiled in February, 2001 in a report in the Houston Press by prolific essayist and reporter John Suval.

He is the convener of the annual inter-denominational USAfrica Prayer Breakfast, which holds at 9am prompt on the last Saturday of every January, of every year, since 1999. He serves on the advisory board of several community building and international organizations including EVA (Education as Vaccine against AIDS-based in Nigeria and the U.S). He is an active new technologies analyst, television and multimedia executive, cross-cultural business consultant and an artist. 

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